You are in command of four fleets of ships. One of your fleets is permanently assigned to the defence of your planet, but the other three be can assigned various missions. Once missions are complete the fleets automatically return to your planet for repairs and refuelling. All ships are equipped with a potentially fool proof FOF (Friend or Foe) system, which means that it is not possible for them to fire on your own ships or planet during normal operations.

Ships can be transferred between fleets when they are in close proximity and it is possible to have empty fleets. Note that if you send two fleets to a distant planet it is not normally possible to transfer ships between them in transit, as they may take different routes to get there to avoid detection.

Fleet launches towards planets leave a signature that can sometimes be detected by the planet in question. This would appear as a news item for the target planet.

Launching ships combined with travel to other planets isn't instant, even with use of wormholes. It takes 6 hours to travel to another planet in your sector, 10 hours to another sector in the same galaxy and 15 hours to another galaxy.

This screen gives details on the composition of each of your fleets and their total sizes and current positions. Once friendly and hostile ships come into contact with each other, whether at distance planets or in orbit of your own base, combat takes place. The outcome of the battle will appear as news items for all parties involved and may last for several hours.