Fleets are controlled from the Military control section. At the start of combat all friendly and hostile fleets are combined into two large fleets. The attacking fleet always fires first and then any defending ships that survive the initial onslaught return fire. This is promptly followed by fire from planetary defence systems, such as ground-based missile silos and orbital defence batteries.

Missile silos fire a minimum of ten shots during each round of battle, sometimes more if you have a larger size. They are designed for targetting bombers. An orbital defence network fires 50 shots every round of battle, but each shot only has half the power of a missile. However, the defence network is designed to target any ship smaller than a Cruiser. Larger ships don't usually get close enough.

At the end of each round of battle, any remaining raiding ships are free to fly low to the planet and attempt to steal resources. Surivors are sent back in what's left of their original fleets. Destroyed fleets effectively end up returning to their home planet instantly.