From here you begin the construction of planetary and orbital facilities. You can only build one at a time, and must wait for it's completion before attempting to build something else. Planetary type constructions take an active role in combat.

There are three types of raw resources: metal (for the bulk of the constructions), emeralds (for high-energy systems) and magic (for when nothing else will do). Constructions currently in progress can be cancelled, and half the original investment regained.

There are also four potential sources of income of resources:

  1. A base rate of 50 metal units/hour, 1 emerald unit/hour and a unit of magic at random - on average once per day
  2. From constructions: A Metal mine produces 100M/hour, an Emerald refinery produces 50E/hour and a Magic refinery produces 10T/hour
  3. For each unit of size in your empire, you will receive a random amount of metal or emeralds each hour - up to 50 metal units or 20 emeralds. It is more likely that you will receive metal than emeralds
  4. Resources can be stolen from your planets by use of raiding ships


ItemTypeDescription MetalEmeraldsMagic Time to buildTech level