These are the official rules of LORE. If you break them, the creators and admin people of LORE may terminate your account with no warnings. You have been warned... *evil grin*

Registration & Multiple accounts

You must not at any time have a second account for whatever reason. (NB. This includes registration for a friend.) You are allowed to create one, and ONLY ONE account in LORE. If you want your account deleted so you can make a new one, please email us stating your username, planet name, co-ordinates, the email address you used to register and your password.

You are not allowed to log into the game with any account other than your own. Doing so may result in your termination after an investigation.

You are not allowed to give your private account information to anyone. It is regarded personal information, and is something for your eyes only.

Abusive Language

You must not use any kind of abusive language in the game, whether it is in messages, your planet's name or any other place. If you receive an abusive message, email us so that we can deal with the offender.


Finally, I would like to add that other ways of abusing the game or site not directly covered by the rules, may also be reason enough for terminating planets. These rules are created to ensure that everyone can enjoy a fair game, where the best player will come out on top, not the best cheater. If everyone stick to the rules, everyone will benefit from it.

Having programs or tools to enable mass mailing is also forbidden. Users reported for spamming, sending messages to everyone in the game, will be investigated, and dealt with and may also be reported to their ISP.

Any other tools or programs you use that gives you an added advantage which is not approved by the adminstrators and made available to every player is deemed illegal and therefore cheating.

Any other questions regarding LORE can be sent to "webmaster at softham dot co dot uk".

Enjoy the game, and may the best clone win!   :-)