Displays information on any sector of your choosing, giving basic information on the planets in each sector, as well as the total score. The universe is divided into galaxies, and each galaxy is sub-divided into sectors. Each sector usually contains up to 10 habitable planets. Co-ordinates are of the form galaxy:sector:planet.

When looking at your own sector, you can also see the latest sector news. Sector news includes battles in your sector currently in progress and any fleets from outside travelling to a planet in your sector once they are within range (i.e. ETA is 6 hours or less). It is hard to tell whether incoming fleets are hostile or friendly when they are not heading to your own planet. Sector news includes fleets travelling from one planet to another in the same sector as well.

The yellow envelope symbols provide a quick link to send a message to a particular occupied planet. Your own planet is highlighted in yellow. Public profiles can also be viewed by clicking on the underlined X next to a planet's ruler.

Key to symbols:
@@ dead
++ newbie
[] frozen