Your planet can be frozen and all the population put into stasis for a minimum of 72 hours. During this time, all mining, constructions, research, etc. will be halted, and you will not be able to launch any attacks, or be attacked yourself. This feature is useful if you will not be able to log onto your account for a few days or more.

If you are tired of life on your planet, and want to end it - it is possible to plant explosives in the core and destroy the planet. This would also destroy all your ships and troops, no matter where they are, as they cannot survive without their homeworld. However, any other ships in the near vicinity won't be destroyed, and destroying a planet isn't instant and they will have time to escape. Also, it takes DEATH time to collect all the souls of your population. Your planet will be marked as dead, and it'll be 72 hours before the admin people come to dispose of all the remains. After that time, all records of your planet will be deleted, and if you want to play again, you'll have to sign up again with a new planet.

It is possible to change the colour of the stats-box at the top of each page to one of a selection of colours.

The facility to change your password is also found on this page. Confirmation of your password change will also be emailed to you. It is not possible at this time for you to change the email address connected to your planet. If you really need to, contact the Admin Team.